A cheesy relationship that won’t break your heart

Everybody needs a little cheesy love in their life, but nobody wants to put their heart on the line. GO VEGGIE® cheese alternatives contain no cholesterol and have 0g trans fat per serving, so you can finally stop trying to hide your cheesy indulgences from your doctor and enjoy all that melty goodness knowing your heart is safe.

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Better-for-you Cream Cheese

For those looking to spread some cheesy love, try GO VEGGIE® award winning Vegan cream cheese in smooth, rich, and creamy flavors for that blissful cheesy experience.

Better-for-you Parmesan

For those looking to top off their meal with a little cheesy finish, delicious GO VEGGIE® Lactose Free grated topping is free of saturated fat and cholesterol and contains 0g trans fat for unmatched cheesy goodness.

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Instead of jumping into a cheesy fling that’ll put your heart on the line, we want to make sure you end up in the right kind of relationship. Here’s a little something good towards your first date.

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