Welcome to Lactose Intolerants Anonymous

This is a support group for a real problem affecting millions: Lactose Intolerance.

Worldwide, 75% of adults suffer after eating mac n’ cheese. We’re here to offer a helping hand. Let’s explore our real feelings about our cheese problems.

Follow the four-step program to get back on the path to cheesy bliss. Because pizza is a way of life. And GO Veggie! wants to make sure you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite cheesy foods, ever.

Welcome to Lactose Intolerants Anonymous.
A fun way to talk about a very real, very gassy, very uncomfortable problem.

Welcome, Friend

Step 1: Admit You Have A Cheese Problem

The first step in solving any problem is to accept that there is one.

Hi, my name is,

and I have a cheese problem.

Follow the Conversation

Step 2: Acknowledge Your Options

Now that you’ve admitted your cheese problem you can step into an entirely new world of delightful options. No more must you cower in the fetal position just because you’re a sucker for mozzarella! Sliced, shredded, shaken, or whipped: an abundance of cheese-free cheese, all to aid in your cheese problem.


Step 3: Take Control Of Your Menu

You're well on your way to a gigantic, cheese-free cheesy slice of pizza. Embrace this bevy of recipes, fit for a cheese-free king.


Step 4: Commit To A Cheese-Free Cheesier Life

You’ve made great strides today, friend. You’re armed and ready to take a leap into a new lifestyle, free of stomach cramps and bloating. Take the pledge. Inspire others with your cheese-free greatness by sharing it with the world. You will be handsomely rewarded for your efforts. 

Henceforth, I, , pledge to live a cheese-free cheesier life, so help me GO Veggie!®

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