National Grilled Cheese Day: Stake Your Claim - Post Image

National Grilled Cheese Day: Stake Your Claim

April 12, 2014

Grilled cheese sandwiches are a very personal thing –they can define you. We all have our cheesy indulgences and we suspect that depending on how you take your grilled cheese says a lot about the fabulous person that you are. In honor of National Grilled Cheese Day and in celebration of the awesome you, GO Veggie! has selected four great grilled cheese sandwiches – and we want to know which one best defines you.

Explorer: Caprese Style Grilled Cheese / You are constantly in pursuit of the next great thing. You savor every moment in life and cherish the bonds you have with friends. You would help those same friends with absolutely anything and are often known for lighting up the room with your amazing energy and bright smile. If there is somewhere in the world to travel or some way you can venture out to save the world, you’re in without hesitation. You face the day not with fear but with promise. Today and every day will be yours!

Maven: Grilled Cheese, Pear & Basil / People tell you are the quiet and shy type, but you know better. You are the one who carefully takes in the world around you, learns every nuance, and shares when the timing is right. You are the silent threat – the one who will conquer the world and surprise the heck out of everyone – except you knew it all along. People who tell you that something cannot be done only motivate you to succeed. You have the ability to see so many beautiful things in life.

Diva: Triple Stack / You know what you want. Period. You are a natural born leader and are well-respected by your peers because as you have traveled your amazing journey, you always lift up those around you. There are simply no limits to what you can do. The adventurous type, you see every challenge as an opportunity to explore your personal boundaries and expand past your comfort zone. You are willing to drop a few responsibilities to get out and tackle that next opportunity.

BFF: Roasted Portobello & Artichoke Panini / Who needs a hug? This is your mantra. You love your family, friends and the world around you. You are rarely shaken by challenges because you know that the sun will continue to shine, and you will warm those around you with your kind and caring ways. You know the best way to face adversity is with compassion. Your smile and laugh inspire others to be great.