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Living Healthy and Loving It!

July 30, 2014


“Love your products. I like having healthier options!” – Tina from Boulder, CO

“I utterly LOVE your products and am so ecstatic that companies, such as yours, are producing and striving to make such a variety of good and healthy foods!” – Jessica from Portland, OR

We are so fortunate to receive so many great emails and comments from our customers. We continue to share these around our office because it reminds each of us why we do what we do at GO Veggie! – make great tasting cheese alternative products that many different people with different needs can enjoy. This month we would like to dedicate the blog to all of our healthy living consumers out there. We have worked hard to make delicious and more nutritious cheeses, and we love hearing from all of you about the bliss you find by using them.

Here are some other great comments from customers just like you:

“I just recently tried your Veggie Slices (Cheddar Flavor) and have found that I absolutely love this product. I just wanted to tell you thank you for helping me with my healthy diets quest with this wonderful product and to let you know that I will be trying more of your products if I can find them.” – Wanda from Adrian, MO

“I found that by using your products as replacements for ingredients I have been able to continue making healthy food that we enjoy.” – Shawntel from Hamilton, OH

“I was so excited to find your vegan shredded cheese at my regular supercenter grocery store, Meijer. I had seen your lactose-free products there before and am so glad that they are now stocking vegan options as well. I am super impressed with the "melt-ability" of the cheese which is even superior to more expensive brands that can only be found at health food stores. Thank you so much for creating a great product!” – Terra from Portage, MI

“I just wanted to take the time to let you know how much my family and I enjoy your products! We have your products on stock all the time! Thank you for taking the time in creating such a healthy product for not only adults, but for children to enjoy as well! Thank you also for making our world a healthier place!!” – Carla from East Brunswick, NJ