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GO Veggie! celebrates Earth Day

May 01, 2014

Earth Day is a worldwide celebration of our planet. This year over one billion people in 192 countries took action to protect the planet that we all call home. GO Veggie! employees joined in the effort.

 We had such a great time last year adopting and taking care of a town beach within walking distance from our HQ in Rhode Island that it was an easy decision to take action and adopt the stretch of beach again this year. This entails us to maintain the beach’s cleanliness and keep it as liter free as possible by remaining proactive throughout the year. We were once again reminded of why Galaxy Nutritional Foods is indeed a phenomenal place to work, as a company committed to the greater good of the community.

April 22nd was not any typical day here in the office. Employees from every department filed into work in sneakers, jeans and t-shirts ready to get their hands dirty. Armed with a wagon, trash bags, and gloves, we walked in unity down to the local beach and began our first cleanup of the year. As the wagon filled with trash and the beach got cleaner, we were reminded of how everyone can make a difference in their local communities. Look for us again as we look to maintain it during the busy summer months, making it a great place for everyone to enjoy.

We had so much fun that we documented our fun in three Vine videos. Watch our GO Veggie! Vines.

 We as a population should not only take action on Earth Day but should continually nurture our planet. What is your plan to take action?