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​Dairy Allergies Vs. Lactose Intolerance

January 31, 2018

There is a big misconception regarding dairy allergies and lactose intolerance. While a lot of people think they’re the same, they are, in fact, two completely different disorders. And although they both may present with similar symptoms, dairy allergies affect the immune system while lactose intolerance affects the digestive system. 

Dairy allergy: Also referred to as milk allergy, it involves the immune system. The specific proteins found in milk cause it to overreact, resulting in a series of symptoms, which can range from mild to severe. Some of the symptoms include hives, tightening of the throat, wheezing, rash, trouble swallowing, vomiting, gastrointestinal issues and in some cases, anaphylaxis, a life threatening allergic reaction. Dairy allergies are one of the most common food allergies in infants and children. In order to be diagnosed, the doctor can perform a blood test or skin test. If the test is not conclusive, an oral food test is necessary.
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Lactose intolerance: Is the inability to digest and metabolize lactose, a sugar present in milk. It’s caused by a lactase deficiency, the enzyme needed to break down lactose in the small intestine. Lactose is instead broken down in the colon by bacteria, causing gastrointestinal symptoms. These symptoms are not life threatening, and include gas, bloating, diarrhea, cramps and nausea and vomiting. Lactose intolerance can be hard to diagnose. Keeping track of the foods that cause discomfort is a good way to identify it.
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