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Being Lactose Intolerant and Loving it!

July 08, 2014

“Being lactose intolerant, it is very hard to find foods to eat. I found yours and I love it…”

“…Thank you so much for making foods I can eat!” – Lilli from Dunwoody, GA.

We are so fortunate to receive so many great emails and comments from our customers. We share these around our office because it reminds each of us why we do what we do at GO Veggie! – make great tasting cheese alternative products that many different people with different needs can enjoy. We have worked hard to make delicious and more nutritious cheeses, and we love hearing from all of you about the bliss you find by using them.

Here are some other great comments from customers just like you:

“My family and I enjoy eating healthy weekend breakfasts together and your products allow us to make that meal tasty without feeling guilty about it.” – Erik from New Brunswick, NJ

“I am a new diabetic and a cheese lover. I found your product and I love the whole line.” – Evelyn from Tampa, FL

“My 8 year old daughter is lactose intolerant. She loves your cheeses.” – Tabitha from Vienna, IL

“We love your products at our house! We eat a very healthy vegetarian diet. Your products help us eat healthy for a really healthy cost. Thank you for these great products.” – Danielle from Buffalo, NY

“I LOVE your products. I honestly find them more tasty than other brand name cheeses. I have secretly been making grilled cheese with your product and my husband has no idea.” – Cherie from Timberville, VA

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