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7 Easy Tips To Spring Into Health

April 07, 2017

Remember those New Year resolutions you made 3 months ago? Are you still keeping them? If the answers is no, don’t feel too bad about it. Most people are on the same boat. Chances are, they were forgotten by February! And if you’re wondering why that happens, the answer is pretty simple: most of the time, those resolutions we make are unrealistic. So when we don’t see the results we expect, we just give up on them.

Spring is the perfect opportunity to start all over. The days are longer and brighter, the weather starts to get warmer and the trees slowly start to bloom. Most of us do some kind of “spring cleaning” or switch up our closets. So, how about taking just one of those resolutions you made back in January, and focusing on it?

Making healthier lifestyle choices is probably one of the most popular ones, so here are some quick and easy tips to help you spring into health!

1.Get outside: whether you’re an avid exerciser or the thought of working out makes you cringe, catching some rays boosts your Vitamin D and improves your mood, and breathing fresh air boosts your energy. Take a walk, do some gardening, go for a run or play outside with the kids. Your body and your mind will thank you for it!

2.Get enough sleep: lack of sleep has been linked to health issues such as blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes. It also contributes to symptoms of depression and increased appetite. Getting into a sleeping routine, where you go to sleep and wake up around the same time everyday, might help you get the amount of hours of rest your body needs.

3.Stay hydrated: most of us find it hard to drink enough during the day, but there are little tricks that can help you increase you water intake: make your own fruit flavored waters, by adding your favorite fruit; swap your soda for plain sparkling water with a splash of fruit juice; make homemade iced tea using your favorite tea, a splash of lemon and a squeeze of honey or natural low calorie sweetener.

4.Start reading food labels: it’s the best way to know what goes in your body! Mile long ingredients lists usually indicate a product is highly processed, especially when those ingredients are almost impossible to pronounce. It will also give you an indication of how many calories, grams of fat and sugar you are ingesting.

5.Make healthier food choices, one at a time: a common mistake a lot people make when they want to start eating healthy, is trying to make a complete 180 and change their diets overnight. Not only is that overwhelming, but also very difficult to do. Little changes implemented gradually will make the process a lot easier and the results long lasting. Some ideas: join the “meatless monday” movement; substitute some of your dairy items with non dairy alternatives (such as GO VEGGIE variety of cheeses and cream cheese); be mindful of the amount of sugar you eat and try to reduce it (if you start reading labels you’ll notice sugar is in almost everything!); start adding leafy green veggies to your fruit or protein smoothies (some of them, like baby spinach, won’t add any flavor!)

6.Bring your lunch to work, rather than eating out every day: it will allow you to control what’s in your food! All you need is a little bit of planning. Do your shopping and some prep over the weekend, so you can pack an easy lunch in no time: wash and chop your vegetables, pre cook your proteins, etc.

7.Disconnect for a short period of time every day: put your phone away while you enjoy dinner with your loved ones; spend 30 minutes a day without any electronics or simply enjoy a movie or your favorite show without interruptions.