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5 tips for creative and healthy DIY holiday food gifts

November 10, 2014

By: Katie Cavuto MS, RD and GO Veggie! Nutrition Ambassador

It’s that time of year to start thinking about fun and creative holiday gift ideas for your friends and family. A delicious, homemade DIY food gift is an inexpensive way to share your passions and give from the heart. This holiday season we encourage you to get in the DIY gift giving spirit the healthy way.

With your favorite healthy recipes (or some of ours) as inspiration, a DIY project can be as simple as packaging the ingredients in a decorative container with a fun recipe card.

  • Cookies. Who can resist a beautiful box of healthy and homemade cookies? Always a fun DIY option, you can bake your own or simply jar the dry ingredients to your favorite recipe. We love this recipe for a Creamy Chocolate Blueberry Parfait that uses crumbled chocolate cookies for crunch.
  • Spice it up. Herbs and spices are a great way to add a ton of flavor to a healthy dish. Start by choosing a flavor profile that speaks to you, like Moroccan or Indian food, and create your own spice blends that you can jar up. Don’t forget to include a recipe so the recipient feels comfortable using the spice blend in their cooking. A festive Mexican spice blend would work perfectly in this Cheesy Black Bean Soup recipe.
  • Flavor your vinegar. By adding your favorite herbs or spices to a jar of mild vinegar, like white wine or white balsamic, you can create unique flavored vinegar for your friends and family. Another festive idea is to decorate a bottle of your favorite aged balsamic vinegar and pair it with a delicious salad recipe like Pumpkin Seed, Mozzarella and Strawberry Salad.
  • Unique Ingredients. From hemp seeds and farro to tahini, it’s fun to introduce your friends and family to healthy ingredients they may not be familiar with. As a creative gift, you can re-package the ingredient with a note on why it’s good for you and pair it with a recipe like Adventurer Bowl with Garlic Tahini Sauce or Cheesy Farro.
  • A Movie and Popcorn. Pair a DVD or movie ticket with a bag of popcorn kernels and your favorite popcorn recipe for a classic duo gift. We love this cheese-free cheesy popcorn recipe that has a little kick and some added crunch with pumpkin seeds!

For the foodie on your list, find more healthy and delicious holiday recipes at www.goveggiefoods.com/kitchen.