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4 Tips on How to be the Hit of a Holiday Potluck

November 12, 2014

By Heather & Jenny, Spork Foods and GO Veggie! Chef Ambassadors

If you’re heading to a holiday potluck, and you think you’re going to be one of the only vegans or vegetarians in the crowd – there are a few tricks to making sure your dishes are the hit of the party!

One of our first pieces of advice for anyone looking to impress is to use a recipe that you’ve practiced before. Let’s not try to get fancy with a dish that you’ve never made because that could lead to more stress – and often, the holidays can be stressful enough. If you’re a great cook, then adapt a recipe you’ve made before, but it’s always a great idea to be comfortable with your recipe.

As they say in the stand-up comedy world – know your crowd! If you’re going to be cooking for a group that may or may not be comfortable with vegan or vegetarian food, maybe hold off on busting out the seitan and use a recipe with beans, grains, and other more familiar ingredients that you know taste amazing. One other way to a crowd’s heart is through comfort foods like, a Parmesan Orzo Salad with Toasted Pecans and Cranberries.

This dish is always a crowd pleaser, it screams holiday potluck, and it can be made in a big batch. For this, we especially like this Parmesan Orzo Salad with Toasted Pecans and Cranberries.

Our last piece of advice for you to personally have the best time is to make a recipe that can be your main dish! If you’re not sure that there will be any other dishes that you can eat, then you might as well make something that you can make into a meal. But we firmly believe that if you make food that smells good, and has a lot of color and texture – everyone will want some! Happy Holidays!