4 healthy Halloween desserts for your scary celebrations - Post Image

4 healthy Halloween desserts for your scary celebrations

October 20, 2014

When you think Halloween, the first thing that comes to the minds of many (after scary costumes!) is all the candy and goodies just waiting to be eaten. If you’re looking for a healthy alternative – and, really, who isn't? – it’s easy to create creamy cheesy goodness that tastes delicious and is better for you than the candy bar handed out next door. Here are our top four favorite Halloween treats that taste oh-so-good without making you feel oh-so-bad.

Brownies. Don’t feel bad about eating chocolate on Halloween. These vegan marbled brownies are filled with yummy goodness and topped with cheesy bliss, which is a combination few – if any – can resist!

No-bake cheesecake. What do you get when you mix cinnamon graham crackers, crunchy peanut butter, chocolate chunks and GO Veggie! Cream Cheese? A delicious no-bake peanut butter and chocolate cheesecake, of course! Go on, take a bite (or two)!

Cupcakes. When you’re in the mood for a bite of pure cheesiness, you’ll want a red velvet cupcake with whipped cream cheese frosting. One bite of these vegan desserts and you’ll agree: Nothing could taste better on Halloween night.

Custard. On All Hallows’ Eve, it’s time to go bananas. Caramelized bananas, that is. And it’s a simple fix: All you need to do is have a few spoons of this scrumptious cream cheese custard!

Snack on these healthy Halloween desserts and enjoy the holiday without feeling the guilt.