3 Unique Christmas Potluck Party Ideas - Post Image

3 Unique Christmas Potluck Party Ideas

December 09, 2014

There are a few dishes that are expected at any Christmas dinner. Turkey. Green bean casserole. Cranberry sauce.

Sure, the classics can be great, but why not break out of the ordinary this year? Try a new recipe (or two!), and who knows? It may become a family favorite! Here at GO Veggie!, we love creating new dishes for you to share with your family during the holidays and beyond. When you’re heading to a potluck and need a few ideas, we’ve got you covered with a few of our favorite recipes to try at your next Christmas party.

Eggplant. Give your friends and family something cheesy to talk about at the dinner table. You can’t beat this recipe for roasted eggplant parmesan! (Yummmmm!)

Chili. Here’s a fact for you: It’s always a good time for delicious blue ribbon cream cheese chili! Cheesy bliss never tasted so good!

Cheese-less cheesecake. Get in the Christmas spirit with a cake to match the season. This red velvet alternative cheesecake is sure to be a winner!

When you bring something new to the dinner table, you make the entire holiday season more exciting. With these cheesy recipes, you’ll be the star at your next Christmas party!